Kick-start your 2D innovation

Publicerat: 16 augusti, 2023

Sebastian Ringqvist, Tenutec, and Patrik Bjöörn, Smena, won last year’s innovation competition. Photo: Jonas Löfvendahl

Do as the successful start-ups Tenutec and Smena, get an exceptional start to your entrepreneurial life by joining SIO Grafen’s innovation competition.

Want to commercialize your sustainable 2D innovation? Join SIO Grafen’s new innovation competition today and share a prize of SEK 600,000.

– SIO Grafen’s innovation competition kick-started our company’s journey, by appreciated funding, great exposure and an introduction to the 2D network. I would recommend all companies to apply in this year’s competition, just participating is a good opportunity for new meetings and opportunities, says Sebastian Ringqvist, CEO of Tenutec.

– The innovation competition has allowed Smena to confirm the properties of our material, increase the pace of development through the employment of personnel and to lay the foundation for industrial collaborations with various industry actors, says Simon Torell, CEO of Smena at the time.

➡️ Deadline? 12 September, 2023.

➡️ Questions? Please contact Jon Wingborg at

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