Workshop 21-22/3 ”Manufacturing of Graphene based Composites”

Publicerat: 9 februari, 2018

The workshop (held in English) focuses on the existing knowledge in how different processes and production methods affect the final properties of graphene composites and aims at suggesting best practise studies with financing possibilities.

When: Wednesday-Thursday 21-22 March (lunch to lunch)
Where: Swerea SICOMP, Öjebyn (Piteå)

The programme includes:

  • Results from the literature study – Graphene modified polymeric composites, Guan Gong, Swerea SICOMP
  • Graphene Composites – state of the art, Vincenzo Palermo, Chalmers/Graphene Flagship
  • Design and manufacturing of Graphene Oxide reinforced high performing thermoplastics hybrid composites for Tribological applications, Nazanin Emami, Luleå University of Technology
  • Composite projects within SIO Grafen
  • Discussion Groups: Graphene composites for mechanical strength / Electrical conductivity / Thermal / Barrier