Swedish Graphene Forum 2022

Experience the latest graphene and 2D innovations with us!

On October 18th-19th it is time to present this year’s project results to the Swedish ecosystem for graphene and other 2D materials.

Swedish Graphene Forum is Sweden’s biggest conference for graphene and 2D materials. It is an arena where industry and academia come together to share groundbreaking innovations and revolutionary results.

This year’s conference will be a physical event in Sundsvall. You can book your room at Clarion Hotel Sundsvall via this link.


Place: Clarion Hotel Sundsvall

Tuesday October 18th

9.00 Study visit: Mittuniversitetet, 2 hours tour.
11.30 Registration opens
12.00 Lunch and mingle
13.00 Presentations
15.00 Coffee and mingle
15.30 Presentations
18.30 Mingle
19.00 Conference dinner

Wednesday October 19th

8.00 Presentations
10.05 Coffee and mingle
10.30 Presentations
12.00 Closure of Swedish Graphene Forum 2022
13.00 Study visit: 2D Fab, 1 hour tour.
14.00 Transport back to conferece area and train station

The program will be updated with details closer to the conference.



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    October 18th (day 1)

    I will join the study trip to Mittuniversitetet on October 18th between 9.00-11.00

    I will attend the lunch at Swedish Graphene Forum October 18th between 12.00-13.00

    I will attend Swedish Graphene Forum on October 18th

    I will attend the dinner at 19.00

    October 19th (day 2)

    I will attend Swedish Graphene Forum on October 19th between 08.00-12.00

    I will attend the lunch on October 19th between 12.00-13.00

    I will join the study trip to 2D Fab on October 19th between 13.00-14.00

    Other information

    Include my contact information in the list of participants that will be distributed at the conference.

    The event and dinner is free of charge. No shows will be charged with SEK 500. We will store your contact information in accordance with GDPR. Contact us at info@siografen.se if you have any questions.

    Want to know more about Swedish Graphene Forum?
    Read about the projects that were presented at last year’s conference in our magazine Swedish Graphene Forum! #SGF22



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    Datum: 18 oktober 2022