Digital workshop: Can you measure human occupational exposure to airborne graphene?

The use of material from the graphene family is predicted to increase in industrial settings in Sweden and around the world. With an increased use, an increased need of methods for exposure assessment follows.

During this workshop the findings from the project “Development of methods for exposure and risk assessment of occupational use of material in the graphene family” will be presented, followed by a discussion where the delegates are encouraged to participate.

➡️ Welcome to an open digital workshop the 7th November 09-11 at the link:  – no pre-registration is needed.


All presenters are from Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, except Sofia Öiseth from Chalmers Industriteknik.

09.00                Welcome – Sofia Öiseth, Group leader Graphene

09.10                Risk assessment for nanomaterial – Håkan Tinnerberg, Occupational Hygienist, PI

09.20                Toxicity for material in the graphene nano-family – Cecilia Nilsson, Master thesis student

09.30                Analysis of elemental carbon as a measure for exposure to graphene – Tobias Storsjö, Occupational Hygienist

09.40                Work with standardisation of analytical methods for determination of graphene – Anne Farbrot, Chemist

09.50                Measurements of graphene in the work environment – methods and results – Tobias Storsjö

10.00                Modelling of occupational exposure to graphene in the work environment – Tobias Storsjö

10.10                Sum up – Håkan Tinnerberg

10.15-              Questions and discussion

Typ: Workshop

Datum: 7 november 2023