2D graduate network workshop Linköping

Are you a young researcher in 2D materials? Meet up with peers and Swedish industry in the area at the SIO Grafen 2D graduate network workshop!

The SIO Grafen 2D graduate network launched with a first online meeting in May. After two online events, it is now time for our first physical meeting, a lunch to lunch workshop at the Clarion hotel in Slottsparken, Linköping.

We start with lunch on October 27 and end with lunch on October 28. Lunch, dinner, and hotel are free of charge for participants; all you need is to get there!

Meet and interact with several key industry players in the Swedish 2D materials arena, along with some of the Swedish companies born from, and dedicated to, 2D materials. All young researchers active in the area of 2D materials, from master’s to postdoc, are welcome!

🔘 When: 27 October 12.00 – 28 October 14.00.

🔘 Where: Clarion Slottsparken, Storgatan 76, Linköping.

🔘 Check out the schedule.

Typ: Workshop

Datum: 28 oktober 2022