Digital presentation: 2023 GOTHENBURG MESOSCOPIC LECTURE: The Magic of Moiré Quantum Matter, Pablo Jarillo Herrero, MIT,

The discovery, five years ago, by Pablo Jarillo-Herrero that two layers of graphene put on top of each other with a magic angle of 1.1 degrees will form a Moiré material with a periodicity much larger than the graphene unit cell, flat electron bands, resulting in a metallic state and tunable superconductivity at low temperature. Several other phases may occur as ferroelectricity, magnetism, and correlated insulator. The field is sometimes called ”twistronics”. Large research activity concerns not only graphene but also other two dimensional layers that form quantum Moiré matter.  Two-dimensional matter has been a fruitful research area with rich, controllable phenomena and important applications.

Pablo Jarillo-Herrero will give the 2023 Gothenburg Mesoscopic Lecture, sponsored by the Nobel Institute of Physics. The event is arranged together with the Area of Advance, Nano at Chalmers.

You can follow the lecture online:

➡️ When: October 5rd at 1:00 PM (kl 13:00)

➡️ Please join online via Zoom

No password, just wait and you will be let in to enjoy the lecture.

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Datum: 5 oktober 2023


Extern arrangör: Chalmers Area of Advance Nano